Software Engineer

About Me

Hi! As you probably guessed, my name is Jorge Garcia. I'm a first generation college graduate and an immigrant from Argentina. I've recently graduated with a Computer Science degree from the University of California, Riverside and currently work as a software engineer at Amazon.

My software engineering journey began while I was developing my business' website a few years ago and I have been madly in love with the discipline ever since. I have a variety of interests but I'm specifically interested in programming languages and full-stack web development.

When I'm not working you may find me developing personal projects, taking courses on Udemy/EdX, skateboarding, reading, or working out.

Thank you for checking out my site. Below you'll find a few of my personal/school projects.


Bash Shell Clone
C | C++ | GoogleTest

  • Used the Composite and Decorator design patterns to develop a bash shell clone which handles all bash commands along with input and output redirection.
  • Implemented inter-process communication to communicate with child processes.
  • Ran a wide variety of unit and integration tests to verify proper functionality.
Octopush Chrome Extension
HTML5 | CSS3 | Bootstrap | JavaScript | Chrome API

  • Developed a cross-platform productivity chrome extension that enables you to create a list of frequently used websites and open them simultaneously with the push of a button.
Weather Web App
HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript | NodeJS | Express | DarkSky API

  • Developed a responsive, full-stack weather app which uses the Dark Sky API to retrieve local weather information.
  • Created an API to make a filtered version of the weather data available to the client.
  • Designed a functional UI to display the current, hourly, and daily weather information.
Tetris embedded
C | Atmega1284 | MAX7219 | Atmel Studio

  • Designed and developed a Tetris style game on an Atmega1284 microcontroller.
  • Developed an API to interact with the MAX7219 LED drivers.
  • Implemented a block collision detection algorithm.
  • Utilized the microcontroller's EEPROM to save the player's high score.